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About Us

At Finnia, our mission is to make wealth creation possible and accessible for everyday Australians.

Australia boasts one of the world’s most advanced economies, but how many of us are really safe financially?

The majority of Australian retirees rely on the pension as their main source of income. That is just simply not enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle.

After 40+ years of working, do you really want to live your golden years worrying about money?

It breaks our heart to see people carrying a scarcity mindset when it comes to money.

That’s what drives us in giving average Australians access to well-above average returns.

Australians pride themselves on living in ‘the land of the fair go’. But many would be surprised to discover just how big the gap is between the country’s top earners and all the rest. This uneven distribution of wealth is simply unfair.
The middle-class is stuck in the mud. They are bound to a day job forever. All because they can’t access to the same kind of investments and profits that are generally reserved for the wealthiest Australians.
That is why at Finnia we are committed to bringing together everyday investors to make professional level investments the norm.

Finnia uniquely combines traditional financial services into a complete wealth creation pathway

Mortgage Broking

Not only does our team of mortgage brokers help you secure the best loan, they are looking to help you find ways to pay off your home loan in 10 years.

Financial Planning

Build your personal roadmap with our expert financial planners. Get tailored advice to suit your situation and goals.

Property Advocacy

Gain access to exclusive property developments and wholesale investment opportunities.

Meet the team

Dhilharan Sivaratnam

Michael Mamasis

Chris Chan

Jesse Loong

Peter Sizeland

Mary Ignatidis

Build your wealth through exclusive property investment opportunities.

Live a life of financial freedom.