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How Secure Are My Investments?

Most people understand there’s money to be made in real estate, but everything seems too costly and risky.

Yes, traditional real estate investments do often require large amounts of capital, with the sole investor bearing all the risks.

Investing in property development can be intimidating. The idea of forking out a large portion of your savings and waiting for years until you see yield is off-putting – let alone the potential risks of losing it all!

With Finnia, you can invest as little as $50K to participate in sizeable projects with large projected profit. Your capital becomes a part of a big investment pool, ready to be deployed in sophisticated property projects.

This is how your capital is protected by Finnia’s financial structure:

All investments are secured by property

Every investment undertaken by Finnia on your behalf is secured by the real property asset. In addition, developers pay interest over the life of their projects, providing you with stronger returns.

We understand development, first and foremost

Finnia has a robust understanding of how to mitigate risk in property development, which means major issues rarely arise. However, should something unexpected threaten to disrupt a project, you can be confident that we have the capability to step in and complete the project on behalf of shareholders. Our priority is always the interests of our investors.

Your money will only be invested in projects that are designed to make profits

By investing in only the most compelling projects, Finnia provides you with an assurance that we are being careful in utilising your funds, and that we are targeting the best possible returns available at any given time.

When you’re investing with Finnia, you’re taking advantage of:

Over 50 years of combined experience & expertise in development and lending

The team behind Finnia has overseen consistent capital returns since 2012

Professional guidance to hit your financial goals with property investing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Finnia a real estate agent?

No. We don’t sell property. We specialise in property advocacy and education. We educate our clients to empower them to make better decisions in investing in properties. We also help clients find investment opportunities that suit them based on their requirements.

Is Finnia an investment firm?

No, we are not an investment firm. We do not offer financial advice or sell shares in investment opportunities. We are not an intermediary for transactions, we connect you with property development opportunities that may suit your investment needs.

Am I guaranteed to make a return on my investment?

All investments, apart from cash kept in a bank savings account, carries a certain level of risk. Hence, there are no guarantees. What we do promise is that we have structures in place to mitigate the risks as best we can.

What are the risks?

Some of the specific risks of the offers on this website are outlined in the Prospectuses, email [email protected] to receive a copy of the relevant Prospectus.

For some people, keeping cash in the bank is more of a risk than investing in shares, as they cannot meet their financial goals with the returns that cash generates.

Why would the developer not just go to the bank?

They do. Bank debt is used but it represents only the senior debt in a project. There is often a gap in funding as banks typically supply less than the developer requires to complete their project. This gives us the opportunity to service that gap and allow you to share in the returns. Demand for this type of finance has continued to grow throughout our history as developers as well as lenders.

How can Finnia pay the return it says it does?

Finnia helps investors use their funds to lend to various development projects at a higher than standard lending rate; the same way a bank does when it uses your term deposit money to lend for mortgages, personal loans, car loans, and credit cards.

The developer pays interest on their loan and you receive a return from that.

How do we know you pay what you claim to pay?

The products on this website are subject to a certain level of regular reporting and disclosure obligations under the law. Each product will provide regular annual reports to disclose all financial information to investors and the public.

How does it work?

Investor money is pooled and lent to developers to complete their projects. We assess all potential loans through a strict lending mandate before agreeing to lend to any project. The developer pays interest on a loan and you can be paid a return from that.

What are the fees?

Zero to you as an investor – the Developer may pay fees in order to receive a loan offer.

Will I know where my money goes?

Your money goes into property development projects. The focus of the products on this website are on Melbourne land subdivisions, townhouses, commercial, and mixed-use projects.

The investment committee makes the decision on which projects your money is loaned to. You will receive annual statements updating you as to how the funds in your product are being used.

How long am I invested for and what happens at the end?

The term of your investment varies depending on which product you decide to invest in. Please read the disclosure documents carefully before investing. Finnia No. 1 Ltd, for example, is considered a long-term investment, with a five-year term, meaning you should expect to receive regular returns, paid every quarter, for the next five years.

The only reason we would return your funds earlier is if we can no longer find any developments that meet our lending criteria, meaning we would prefer to return your funds so you can decide how best to utilise them again.

When do I get my returns?

The term of your investment varies depending on which product you decide to invest in. Please read the disclosure documents carefully before investing. Typically, products that pay a quarterly or regular dividend will pay your dividend directly to your specified bank account on the 10th of each month.

Can I use my SMSF?

Yes, you can invest using your SMSF, Family Trust, personal cash, or business money.

Is Finnia registered with ASIC?

Our prospectuses are lodged with ASIC and are registered offers.

Does Finnia offer personal financial advice?

No, please seek an independent professional for personal advice. No information contained across this website should be considered to constitute any form of personal and/or financial advice.

Can I request my money back early?

We understand that life happens. We are human too. We talk to our clients and understand the situation. Please read the terms of the disclosure documents carefully before investing. If you feel you cannot commit to the proposed time frames for return of investment, then this opportunity is likely not for you.

Why Finnia?

Finnia was established to help everyday Australians achieve their financial goals through access to a form of property investing and returns usually reserved for the wealthy. It is intended for people who do not want to place those funds at risk in the stock market and do not want the low rates of return at the bank. It is an opportunity to invest in property at an earlier stage than previously available, at a much lesser investment amount than you’d typically need to enter the property market.

What is the vision of the company?

Finnia intends to assist more Australians to benefit from property development by creating the most trusted property development investment platform in Australia.

Disclaimer: As with all investments, especially those targeting high returns, investing in this offer by Finnia No.1 carries risk. While each loan provided to a developer will hold a charge over the project assets, this is not a guarantee and a range of risks can see the investors lose their returns as well as invested capital. Therefore we encourage you to carefully read the Prospectus of your selected investments to understand specifically how your funds are invested and the risks associated with the investment, and to seek independent financial advice.

Want to make sure you’re 100% confident before investing?