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Replace & Multiply Your Income from Property

Access Property Development Opportunities to Create the Life You Want

Discover the Most Profitable
Way to Invest in Property

Fast Track Your
Wealth Creation

Live the
Life You Want

Let’s face it, money drives most things in life.

And the majority of people are spending their lives trading time for dollars

Where you live, how you raise your family, your social circles, your leisure of choice, your contribution to the world – these choices are all dictated by your income level.
And for most people, going to work is the only driver for income. A lot is riding on that job.
Whether you love or hate your work, wouldn’t you like to have a choice?
The freedom to control your work-life balance. To choose your own rhythm. The ability to do the things that bring you the most happiness.

What would life look like if you no longer relied on a job for stable income?

At Finnia, you’ll be guided to:

A Personalised Roadmap to Replace Your Income

We take time to understand your goals and situation, and help you create an investment plan to financial freedom.

Fast Track Your Wealth with Above-Average Property Returns

Get direct access to property development opportunities and enjoy the type of returns that are usually reserved for professional investors

Repeat the Process to Multiply Your Income

Our team manages the portfolio and risk, so you can sit back and enjoy the passive income!

Everyday investors getting professional level returns is NOT too good to be true.

Traditionally, the average investor buys a property at market value and hopes to see it double in value in 10 years.
At Finnia, we allow you to get in at the development stage. This is called ‘wholesale investing’. That’s where the real money is made.
Development lending is an established way of making your money work harder to earn more. By creating this additional value, you are able to increase the returns you receive on your landholdings.
Finnia offers everyday investors a way to access property development.

3 easy steps for you to invest like a pro with Finnia:

Book a Discovery Session

An obligation-free consultation to assess your situation and discover ways to replace your income.

Design Your Investment Journey

We discover your capital, time and ambition. Whether you’re only just starting to think about investing, or have a property portfolio, we take you to the next level.

Replace Your Income With Property

Generate profit through developable property. Purchase instant equity or manufacture equity, and no longer be reliant on capital growth or an income.

Let us help you create a life where work is optional.

At Finnia, our mission is to make professional investment returns accessible to everyday investors.
It gives us so much joy when we help clients freedom to choose the lifestyle they want.
Investing in property development and replacing your income opens up endless possibilities.
Spend more time with family and friends. Devote time to the causes you care most about. Give generously. Create a safety net for you and your loved ones.

Give yourself freedom. Give yourself choice.

Join our community of everyday investors who are living their ideal lifestyle.