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Take Control of Your Money in 90 Minutes

A practical financial workshop to design a life where money is no problem


Level 1, 70 Trenerry Crescent
Abbotsford VIC 3067

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Learn How to Put Your Money to Work

Retire Comfortably with More Than Enough

Never Worry About Bills

Most Australians don’t know what their bank accounts will look like in 5-10 years.

The majority are coasting along with no short or long term financial goals, and would classify their financial well being as ‘OK’.

Sure there’s enough to pay bills and chip away at a mortgage – but where’s the extra?
Do you really want to work for 40+ years only to end up running out money halfway into retirement?

We’re working hard, but we’re not working smart.

60% of retirees will run out of money within 20 years
50% of Australians have more credit card debt than they can pay
18% stick to a budget
75% have no long term financial plans
36% of retirees still have a mortgage

The Financial Scorecard Workshop is designed to eliminate all the guesswork and for you to take back control of your personal finance.

After spending just 90 Minutes with us, you will walk away with:

Absolute Clarity on Your Cashflow Situation

Get a solid grasp on your current finances AND design a clear path towards financial freedom.

A Pathway to Pay Off Your Home within 10 Years or Less

Don’t be a slave to a 25+ year mortgage. Take control of your financial future.

Simple Investment Strategies to Replace Your Income

Get your money to work for you. A clear pathway where you can one day say “money is not a problem”

Within a couple hours, you will have clarity on these numbers for your personal finance

Are you cashflow positive, neutral or negative right now?

What is the annual passive income you need in order to freely make your preferred lifestyle choices?

How much do you actually need to retire at 65 or retire early?

A capital base and investment return in order to achieve your ideal lifestyle

Obtain the knowledge today, start taking timely action, and your next decades could be drastically different

Live a lifestyle of choice

Creating financial independence will allow you to a life you could only dream of. Free yourself from relying on a 9-5 job as the only source of income.

Have sufficient finances to fund 20+ years of comfortable retirement

Don’t waste your golden years worrying about whether you will outlive your bank account. Build wealth now to enjoy retirement.

Enable your loved ones to flourish

Generate extra income to cover the expenses of family life. Give future generations the best chance at a successful life.

Workshop Facilitator:
Pete Sizeland, Head of Education, Finnia

Like most Aussies, for many years I worked a 9-5 day job. I was no financial guru, but after leaving my job and receiving a package I decided I needed to make the most of it. There began my investment journey.

After 5 failed attempts trying to look for clear answers from “financial professionals”, I created this financial literacy framework to achieve a better future for myself, and now for the past 18 years I’ve been helping others do the same.

I look forward to seeing you in this evening workshop – to achieve what I once thought was impossible, to design a future where “money is not a problem”

Finnia has helped people just like you find financial freedom:

  • “Thank you Peter for looking after Andrew & I the past 10 years. Your Service & Advice has always been first class. You are a true Gentleman with a wealth of knowledge.”

    Mel and Andro Guic
  • “Peter has taken us both by the hand and to date is still holding our hands in our journey together to achieve financial freedom sooner, build a healthy property portfolio, minimise our tax implications but most important of all Peter has become a family friend who really cares. You are not a number, you are a friend.”

    Peter & Michelle Arvanitis
    *These testimonials were given by our customers. They are individual experiences of our customers that have used our service. However, they are individual results and results and outcomes may vary. We do not claim they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. Finnia cannot and does not guarantee results. Your full financial situation would need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

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    It takes just one workshop to dive deep into your financial situation and discover what financial freedom looks like for you..

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    Walk away with a practical plan to transform your finances. Implement the steps now and reap the rewards in decades to come.

    In just one workshop, we help set you on the path towards financial freedom.

    At Finnia, our personalised approach takes you on a wealth building journey. We don’t just talk dreams and big picture, we get in to the nitty-gritty to develop a customised strategy that will see you achieve your financial goals.
    Using our combined experience of 50+ years, we are here to provide education and opportunities. We journey with you on your way to lifestyle and wealth.

    We look forward to hosting you and helping you design a life where money is no problem.