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Pay Off Your Own Home in 10 years

Forget being chained to your mortgage for 25-30 years & take control of your financial future

Kiss Goodbye Your
Personal Debt

No Compromises On
Your Ideal Lifestyle

Use Your Equity to
Build Real Wealth

Most people centre the best years of their lives around a 25+ year mortgage.

All major life decisions depend on your monthly cash flow to cover mortgage payments and lifestyle needs: Which job pays the most? Should I go on a holiday? Can I send my kids to good schools? Can I afford to upgrade my lifestyle or invest?
By the time you retire, you’re left with one fully paid off “asset” with no cash flow, not enough super, and no more time to invest and compound wealth.

Paying off your home as quickly as possible is your first step to building true wealth. Don’t compromise your financial future and get rid of your mortgage within 10 years!

At Finnia, you’ll be guided to:

Gain Clarity in Your Numbers

Solidifying what is required for you to own your own home within 10 years

Put Your Money to Work

Accessing equity and maximising investment efforts

Creating a Cash Flow Plan That Works for You

Balancing wealth creation and lifestyle

Hear from clients we’ve helped in the last decade

  • “Thank you Peter for looking after Andrew & I the past 10 years. Your Service & Advice has always been first class. You are a true Gentleman with a wealth of knowledge.”

    Mel and Andro Guic
  • “Peter has taken us both by the hand and to date is still holding our hands in our journey together to achieve financial freedom sooner, build a healthy property portfolio, minimise our tax implications but most important of all Peter has become a family friend who really cares. You are not a number, you are a friend.”

    Peter & Michelle Arvanitis
    *These testimonials were given by our customers. They are individual experiences of our customers that have used our service. However, they are individual results and results and outcomes may vary. We do not claim they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. Finnia cannot and does not guarantee results. Your full financial situation would need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

    Here’s how it works:

    Book an Appointment

    Obligation free consultation to assess your situation

    Restructure Your Finance & Create a Cashflow Plan

    To strike a balance between lifestyle and paying off your home

    Develop and Execute Your Financial Roadmap

    Move your investment forward without compromising your lifestyle

    Realise the Dream of Home Ownership

    When you’re done with paying your mortgage, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy life!

    Getting the loan is only a means to an end. Paying it off as soon as possible should be the end goal.

    An average mortgage broker see loans in isolation. They get you good rates, make their commissions and move on. But even with “good” interest rates, most people are still left financially strangled for decades. 

    At Finnia, we look at your entire financial picture in unison and help you use loans wisely. With us, you will not only achieve home ownership within 10 years, but be on a prudent path to get financially set up for life.

    In your obligation free quote with us, you will find out:

    Can I borrow now & what’s the maximum I can get?

    How to pay off my home loan within 10 years?

    Should I think about investment properties?

    A heartfelt message from Peter Sizeland

    Head of Education, Finnia

    With over 20 year’s experience in mortgage broking, I recognized that our industry needs to become actually helpful for Australians to get much better outcomes on their home ownership journey.

    In the early 1990’s, Australians were promised lower interest rates. This promise was flawed because people were trapped into spending the best years of their lives servicing never-ending payments. 20 years since “We Will Save You”, Australians are paying way more interests than they should, and are financially worst off.

    The “Australian dream” of taking 25-30 years to reach home ownership is just plain wrong. People don’t deserve this proposition of limited livelihood, missed opportunities and unsustainable retirement.

    Therefore, our business FINNIA has been designed to shift the goal post to help Australians realise home ownership in the foreseeable future as the baseline of their wealth.

    We thrive to do this because we want our clients to:

    • Provide earlier access to more lifestyle choices
    • Be more educated to make more informed decisions
    • Increase ability and confidence, allowing them to make their money work for them

    Free Guide:
    3 Ways to Pay Off Your Home Loan Within 10 Years

    3 Ways to Pay Off Your Home Loan Within 10 Years

    How will you live in 10 years when you no longer have a mortgage to pay?

    Schedule your free appointment today so we can help you make an informed decision for future livelihood and wealth!