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Outperform the Property Market & Enjoy Pro Investor Returns

Make above average returns from off-market property development opportunities

Fast Track Growth by
Manufacturing Equity

Safeguard against
property market fluctuations

Multiply Your Short to
Medium Term Cash Flow

The problem with conventional property investing is that you’re totally dependant on the market and borrowing capacity.

Everyday property investors are at the mercy of the market. You ride the rollercoaster of ups and downs, crossing your fingers that the timing was right.
Even when everything is looking up, sooner or later you’ll reach the limit of your borrowing capacity and the growth you hoped to achieve grinds to a halt.

Wouldn’t you like more control over your property investments?

At Finnia, we help you source property opportunities to:

Create instant equity at the point of purchase

Achieve a high rate of return with our proven track record since 2012

Get access to off-market deals like a pro investor

Let’s pull back the curtain on how the rich & elite make money from property.

When regular people invest in property, their options are limited to scrolling real estate listings. These properties are sold via customer-facing agents at a marked up, “market value” price, and any future capital growth is completely reliant on the market.
What happens if the market doesn’t perform as expected? Your only option is to buy & hold, hoping you achieve average market returns and wait for the market to boom.
What if rather than sitting on a property for years, you could create equity at the point of purchase? This is what the professionals do behind the scenes. They purchase land at a pre-development stage and at a ‘wholesale price’. They then further improve the value of this land by introducing new uses for retail use.
That’s how REAL PROFITS are made in a property deal.
It takes a village to put these deals together, which is why for so long these opportunities have been exclusively available to property development professionals.
At Finnia we make these opportunities available to property investors.

Clients have been enjoying professional investor returns since 2012

  • “Thank you Peter for looking after Andrew & I the past 10 years. Your Service & Advice has always been first class. You are a true Gentleman with a wealth of knowledge.”

    Mel and Andro Guic
  • “Peter has taken us both by the hand and to date is still holding our hands in our journey together to achieve financial freedom sooner, build a healthy property portfolio, minimise our tax implications but most important of all Peter has become a family friend who really cares. You are not a number, you are a friend.”

    Peter & Michelle Arvanitis
    Finnia is a member of REIV and we are fully compliant to all the associated industry requirements.

    How it Works

    Request a Call Back

    On this call you’ll chat with one of our property advocates to discover your capital, capacity, and goals to see if our opportunities are the right fit for you.

    Understand Your Options

    Based on your preferences, we will present you with a range of opportunities and a property investment pathway tailored to you.

    Enjoy Professional Investor Returns

    Increase your returns through developable property and no longer be reliant on capital growth and borrowing capacity alone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Finnia a real estate agent?
    No. We don’t sell property. We specialise in property advocacy and education. We educate our clients to empower them to make better decisions in investing in properties. We also help clients find investment opportunities that suit them based on their requirements.
    Is Finnia an investment firm?
    No, we are not an investment firm. We do not offer financial advice or sell shares in investment opportunities. We are not an intermediary for transactions, we connect you with property development opportunities that may suit your investment needs.
    Is getting above average returns too good to be true?
    Getting above average returns from property development is entirely possible when given the right opportunities. Our job is to find you the right opportunities. We assess various property investment options and pair our clients with experienced developers who have a proven record. Over the past 10 years we have a history of delivering these excellent returns.
    How does Finnia make money?
    We gain commissions or fees from property developers or product providers for introducing investors directly to them. There is no fee for the investor.
    Isn’t property development risky?
    It’s important for you to understand that there is risk involved, especially those targeting high returns. That’s why you need to make sure you’re getting the right advice and working with professionals to assess the risks and make sure they are managed and mitigated. Finnia only presents opportunities that meet our strict criteria.
    What “products” am I actually investing in?
    Finnia helps you invest in developable land that has plans to be turned into commercial and residential communities in Victoria. Book a discovery session to find out about our latest opportunities.
    What are some of the uncertainties I should be aware of?
    We encourage you to carefully read the Prospectus of your selected investments to specifically understand how your funds are invested and the associated risks. We also encourage you to seek independent financial advice. As with all investments, especially those targeting high returns, Finnia property opportunities carry risk.
    Disclaimer: As with all investments, especially those targeting high returns, investing in this offer by Finnia No.1 carries risk. While each loan provided to a developer will hold a charge over the project assets, this is not a guarantee and a range of risks can see the investors lose their returns as well as invested capital. Therefore we encourage you to carefully read the Prospectus of your selected investments to understand specifically how your funds are invested and the risks associated with the investment, and to seek independent financial advice.

    Want to make sure you’re 100% confident before investing?

    Development opportunities are no longer reserved just for sophisticated investors. This is your chance to get a slice of the pie.