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Vision Board

Most Australians default to “working hard” as the only way to control their financial future.

And yet 80% of people, after decades in the workforce, end up struggling to scrape together $30K a year* for a modest retirement lifestyle.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

*Stats from ASFA as of Nov 2022

At Finnia, we help Australians get their finances in order:

Clarify Your Financial Goals

And put money to work towards an achievable outcome.

Pay Off Your Home Loan ASAP

As quick as 7-10 years.

Replace Your Income

So that you get to live a lifestyle of choice

We can achieve this by empowering clients to participate in property development projects, in order to:

  • Outperform the traditional property market
  • Instantly make profit at the point of purchase
  • Manufacture property value to fast track equity

Here’s how to get started:

Clarify your financial goals with the Finnia Vision Board

Fast track your property investing to achieve your numbers within a foreseeable timeframe

Pay off your home, replace your income & live the life that you want

Now, let the journey begin with the Finnia Vision Board.