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Investing: Are you working hard or smart?

When it comes to money, we all have deeply held beliefs.

Perhaps you were taught from a young age that you need to work hard for your money. That money doesn’t come easily. That money is earned not gained.

It’s important to recognise these closely-held paradigms we each have and decide if they are holding you back. Is this belief serving me or sabotaging my financial goals?


Working hard won’t make you rich

‘Work hard, play hard’ has long been the phrase to describe Australians. It’s time we replaced ‘work hard’ with ‘work smart’?

Of course there is an element of hard work involved in building wealth. But what sets apart the most successful are those who put their money to good use. This almost always involves investing.

Think about the game of Monopoly. Have you ever played with someone who saved up all their money and didn’t buy any properties? They’ll be cash rich for the start of the game, and easily afford fines and taxes and rent. But in the long haul their strategy will never stand up against those who put their money to good use. Those who invested and grew their portfolio will always come out on top.

Real life is not that different. Storing money up in the bank, or leaving equity unused in your house could be a real missed opportunity.


3 tips to get you started:


  1. Take control of your finances

Too many Australians have no idea how much money will be in their bank account in 5-10 years. We have vague short term financial goals and often no tangible long term goals.

The only way you’ll be able to get smart about your finances is if you take control of them. A great place to start is coming along to our free Scorecard workshop. In just 90 minutes you’ll get full clarity on your money situation and how to better plan for financial freedom.

Register for free here.


  1. Learn the art of making informed decisions

Knowledge is power! The more you educate yourself the more you’ll discover opportunities and have the confidence to seize them. Surround yourself with experts and get a clear strategy for starting your own investment journey.


  1. Don’t be influenced by fear or hype

A major obstacle to investing is fear. It’s common to feel worried about parting with your hard earned money. It is prudent to be cautious, but it’s important to recognise when it might be holding you back.

That’s where doing your own research is vital. The more you can grow in your understanding, the less you’ll be paralysed by fear.


To get a personalised investment strategy that suits your situation and goals, book a discovery session with Finnia today.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog and video is not legal, taxation or financial planning advice. It has been prepared without considering your specific needs, objectives and personal financial situation. Before acting on this information, we recommend that you consider carefully if it is appropriate for your needs, objectives and personal financial situation. All loan products are subject to lender criteria and approval. Fees, terms and conditions apply.

The average Australian earns $2.07 million over their working life, yet 80% will still find themselves broke after decades in the workforce.

You don’t have to be average. Use property as a tool to get you financially sorted for life!

We look forward to journeying with you on your way to lifestyle choices and wealth.