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Build Connections by Doing Good Together


Giving to charity has been a key business value we have held for many years now. 

We believe that by building connections, extending generosity and partnering with organisations, we can all ‘do good’ together and build a better world. 

Foundation of Goodness is one charity we partner with. Based in Sri Lanka, the organisation focuses on building village Heart Beat Centres across rural and remote areas.

Many of the people living in these areas live at or below the poverty line. As a company, we now sponsor a village Heart Beat Centre in Sri Lanka and host a Gala Ball here in Melbourne to raise funds and awareness.

At our last Gala Ball event, we raised $18,000 which has gone towards purchasing and installing a water purification plant.

This will benefit over 3000 people, both in the village and surrounding areas, through access to clean drinking water. Something many don’t have access to currently. 

What do we get out of this from a business perspective?

As a business, partnering with Foundation of Goodness provides many opportunities not only for the people in the village we support but also for us. 

It provides a vehicle where we’re able to have discussions with others, particularly business partners and suppliers, to share something we’re passionate about. 

In fact, we’ve had a few people from these different networks join us on annual visits to the village we support. It’s a great way to form lasting relationships with our connections as we make shared memories and do good together.

As part of our partnership with Foundation of Goodness, we share in an annual TukTuk experience where we travel to some of the village Heart Beat Centres across Sri Lanka. 

In January 2023, we’ll be joining Foundation of Goodness once again for a TukTuk experience and we’ll be able to see first-hand the water purification plant we’ve been working on. 

For more information about the next TukTuk experience visit:

To see all the ‘good’ Foundation of Goodness are doing in Sri Lanka, visit:

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