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Riding Bikes to Raise Money for Orphanages


Giving to charities is a strong part of the Australian identity, with research suggesting that 4 in 5 Australians regularly give to charity or not-for-profit organisations. But, have you ever stopped to wonder where that money actually goes? 

Peter Sizeland, Head of Education at Finnia, recently participated in a charity bike ride over in Thailand. Not only did the event involve participants riding 500km in 5 days, but each rider was encouraged to raise $5000 for the event’s charity partner, Hands Across the Water

Doing good on the trail

We don’t often see first-hand the individuals and communities that charity giving supports. 

This annual charity bike ride, organised by Doing Good Fund, provides a life-changing experience for those looking to give to charity in a unique way. 

The riding trail follows the same route where the 2004 tsunami hit Thailand. Seeing first-hand the impact that this tsunami had on Thailand, as well as, the efforts to rebuild and provide safe housing for orphaned children, makes this charity giving experience hit a little closer to home. 

Personal growth opportunities

Participating in a unique charity giving experience like this provides many opportunities for personal growth. 

Not only is it physically tough, covering 500km in 5 days, but it’s also a HUGE mental push. 

Peter Baines, the event organiser, encouraged the riders with the following: ‘we are capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for’.

While many understand this in theory, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and completing a challenge that seems near impossible brings new meaning to this statement. 

For more information about the next Thai Bike ride visit:

To donate to the work of Hands Across Water visit:

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